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Synergy Saturday | Health and Wealth Initiative

Synergy Saturday is our Initiative. Healthy Self is our campaign. FREE Health Screenings are our life-saving efforts.

Our Healthy Self campaign encourages individuals to get free health screenings to know their numbers, live healthy lifestyles, and reduce healthcare costs. It is our collective belief that a free health screening enlightens and empowers the individual to take proactive steps towards a healthy self; thus, individuals are empowered to heal thyself.

I really like the well-needed education on wellness that Mr. Freeman provides and the on-the-spot screenings. I tell people it's FREE-man with the information and the screening.

Karen G.

Screening Participant ~ Little Rock, AR

About Us

Synergy Saturday, Inc.

Health & Wealth Initiative

Synergy Saturday is a weekly wellness project and health awareness initiative with FREE health screenings, risk assessments, giveaways and health education handouts for poor health and poverty alleviation. Our overall goals are to save lives and reduce the cost of health care through education, inspiration and utilization of preventive care.

Health screenings effectively catch diseases, illnesses or potential causes in earliest stages when treatment, an all-natural supplement or a simple lifestyle change has its greatest chance for success. Our participants are empowered to know their numbers for the sake of their health and a healthy lifestyle. Synergy Saturday encourages participants to lead healthier, longer and more productive lives in order to build legacy wealth.

Our proactive approach is simply to educate and invest in the natural health of others in efforts to trim healthcare costs and improve communal productivity ... the synergy of life. Synergy Saturday‚Äč areas of care, concern, emphasis and welfare are: Cardiovascular (Heart), Circulatory, Digestive, Immune and Overall Health.

Free Health Screenings Location

Get a FREE preventive health screening: River Market | Little Rock Farmers Market (#LRFarmersMarket)

River Market Tower Location

400 President Clinton Ave., Little Rock, AR 72201

Synergy Saturday Weekly Screening Times

Monday - Friday



8 am - 2 pm